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Cucini Catering is owned by San and Mirna. They both have two things in common: parents and passion for food. San has been working in the restaurant industry for 14 years. His younger sister, Mirna, has a life-long passion for cooking. She enjoys trying new foods and creating her own recipes.
“Growing up in Sri Lanka, some of our favourite childhood memories are of our widowed mother and us spending a good deal of time cooking in the kitchen. Nothing like cooking as a family and creating treasured memories!
During this pandemic, we started to experiment in our kitchens again. Initially, starting a restaurant from scratch felt a daunting task but we thought and started the process with just take-out delivery.

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While there are a number of places in the GTA for lamprais served in a banana leaf, I have to say this was a standout. Beautifully cooked meat, vegetables and spicing. Cucini Catering you raise the heat. I would order this again in a heartbeat.  

Suresh Doss

In the last few weeks, I've been ordering food from new startups that have been working hard to produce authentic food that is true to their families. We ordered Sri Lankan food from Cucini Catering. I found them from Suresh Doss's drool worthy instagram feed and it was incredible with lots of amazing flavours. Rice, mutton curry, whole roasted chicken, chilli crab, shrimp and squid curry, fish fried, fish cutlets, boiled eggs, eggplant curry, cabbage fry, capsicun gravy and malay pickle.  

Rick Mathur Chef/Owner of Ricks Good Eats

I'm a sucker for any food wrapped in a banana leaf or lotus leaf. So many good ones like lo mai gai, otak otak, amok, or even when its just the plate like with a banana leaf curry. So when Suresh Doss posted about these Sri Lankan lamprais from Cucini Catering, I was super intrigued. Saw they were doing a pick up day in Toronto, and it lined up with me having to pickup mugs from a supplier, so grabbed a few. It was delicious. It reminded me of travelling in that way where you point and order random things and have no idea what they're going to smell or taste or feel like. So it was nice to have that little moment of discovery when eating this. Feeling like its going to be atleast until next year before we're really able to travel again. Good thing there's so much food to discover here. Thankful for how much multicultural our food access is - especially to legit regional foods and not just westernized versions  


“ I came across a promotional photo of Cucini Catering in one of my friends social media pages and gave it a quick look. It was the “watti Rice” offer they were having for the Mothers Day. As someone who live close to my mother all my life and recently moved away for work purposes to 2000 kms away, I thought checking this option out to treat her. I was a bit skeptical specially cause my mother is a chef and she is picky when it comes to restaurant food. But as fate would decide I gave it a go. Now the watti rice promo pic had all sorts of sea food, meat etc, it was a feast for sure. But coming from south asia we all know we don’t get what we see. But I contacted him. The original portion is for a family of 5-6 but their fabulous customer service worked around the pricing while not damaging the original quantity of the portion and gave me a reasonable package for my parents. The delivery was on time and the food was top notch. To hear from my mom that it was great, meant that Cucini Catering had done their part in making a great dish with love. The amount of meat and other add ons were quite generous. They went above and beyond by adding a mothers day card, which was unexpected but truly speak of a wonderful service. It was truly an great experience to order from them. 10/10 for everything “  

Gajith Jinadasa

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